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Don’t Settle For An Overpriced Generic Big Brand or Warehouse Store Computer

If you need a powerhouse of a computer, call us, we will gladly listen to what your need his and come up with a solution that will exceed your expectations. With pre-built systems you generally pay for more than you need or overpay for a computer that just doesn’t get it done. When you shop online, you have to trust in reviews which in many cases are fake or an chat consultant whose only mission is to sell you something and get to the next person in the cue. Shopping at a warehouse or electronics retail store means you have to trust a clerk who may have the listening skills of a rock and both sales goals as well as a bias.

Personal, Professional Consultation On What Kind of Computer You Need

We listen, ask questions, find out what you need today, how long you hope the computer will last your business, and respect your budget. While it isn’t unusual to have high expectations on small budgets, we know how to balance costs to build in the performance you can afford. We will be honest, in if necessary, in a direct manner because our goal is to build you a computer that meets your needs with power and resources to spare.

Even better, we service what we sell. You won’t have to worry about sending a computer back that didn’t meet your expectations or needs servicing. You call us and we service on site.

Computers Custom Built For Your Businesses Need

Don’t Settle For “Off the Shelf” Computers or OEM Builds with Second Rate Components
Did you know that major computer companies build computers with lesser components than you can buy? When a big box store is advertising a major brand computer with a particular GPU, it is likely to be what is called the “OEM” version. OEM is code for “in most cases cheaper and lower performance, but uses the same basic tech”. If your need is for a top of the line 3080 GPU, let us build you a computer with the right 3080 GPU.

Call today to talk with a local expert who can identify the best options to fit your unique situation. We will put the perfect computer together whether its for heavy number crunching, 3-D Engineering, stock orย  currency trading, or media production. We can build extreme multi-monitor work stations or a virtual conference room for fifty or more! Whether you need a Monster Windows, iOS, or even a “Hackontosh” build, where both iOS and Windows live on one computer, we can get it done for you.

We are more than happy to come to you to discuss your custom computer needs. Call us at 916-868-1026 to set up an appointment.

Emergency Service Available

We know some businesses depend on their computers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ask us about our 24hr Emergency Computer Service subscriptions. We will be there when you need us!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by the services we provide. Trust us to diagnose computer and network issues and provide solutions that solve problems. We don't nickel and dime, we provide transparent and honest services.


Free Consultations*

Phone consultations are always free. On-site consultations may be subject to a service fee*. If you accept our quote for services, any on-site consultation service fee will be credited to your invoice.

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